Philosophy of Kindness

At the Kindness School Foundation, our approach to subjects such as Relationship Education, Physical Health and Mental Wellbeing is built on a Philosophy of Kindness.


The three main principles of our Philosophy of Kindness are:

Kindness towards yourself

- Kindness starts with yourself. We want children to understand mental wellbeing and physical health as an act of kindness towards themselves that provides strength and confidence. This is the foundation for building meaningful relationships with others and living in the wider world.

Kindness towards others

- Building meaningful relationships is a key ingredient to happiness. We want children to learn that kindness, empathy, respect and tolerance is a cornerstone of long-lasting friendships, as well as a fundamental principle of a strong and healthy society.

Kindness towards the planet and the wider world

- Understanding our relationship with the planet and the wider world is a vital part of childhood education. We want children to learn that they are part of a larger ecosystem, and to encourage them to act with kindness and respect towards it.

You can download an overview of all activities and resources of our Philosophy of Kindness here.