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Kindness Calendar

In light of the current school closures due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we have decided to support schools with a free Kindness Calendar that can be sent to parents and pupils.

Each Wednesday we will release the Kindness Calendar for the next week. 

Teachers, parents and pupils are encouraged to tweet their work using @KindnessSchools and #Kindness Calendar

The activities are designed with a focus on pupil and family wellbeing. 

Activities are structured into i) kind to me, ii) kind to others and iii) kind to the planet.

What the Kindness Calendar includes

  • One activity per day

  • One theme per week

  • Links to relevant website


Week 1 (30 March - 03 April)

Theme: Looking after ourselves

Week 1 Icon.jpg

Week 2 (06 - 10 April)

Theme: Looking after our families

Kindness Calendar Week 2 Icon.png

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